Sergeant Kricheck

Sergeant of the BSMS 102 Defender Ship and Chief Security Officer.

Born in the U.C.E. territory on earth, Kricheck took in the Solarian mutation rays, which genetically altered his body. However, his DNA was special as it did not turn him into a monster, yet gave him amazing strength. His parents knew that the U.C.E. territory would become more volatile due to the restraints of the majority’s deep ideologies, and they sent him with their good friend Calvin to live in the Free Zone.

Some time later, Calvin’s wife and Assistant to Dr. Solinski, who created the Lunarian Serum, experimented on Kricheck by injecting the serum into his blood. A then young Kricheck became even stronger, and learned to transform into his super-self at will.

Years later he graduated from Officer school for the Earth Militia. Showing his super strength by personally defeating many Lunarians and Solarians with his bare hands, in his transformed state, General Pulpit promoted him to Sergeant and transferred him to the best of the best in the Sol Militia; on the BSMS 102 Defender ship.