Captain Robert Chambers

Captain Robert Chambers is of Earth Origin, born in the Free Zone on Earth, he trained at the D.M.E.C.P. (Deep Mountain Earth Command Post), to become a air-soldier for the Mars Militia. He obtained his Captain rank in the year 2071 for the Sol Militia on the BSMS 101 Defender class ship.

In 2076 Captain Chambers lost his entire crew in a battle with a Solarian vessel. He spent the next few years grieving and finding his way back to his duty. In the year 2084 he was cleared by Mars Med command to be fit for duty again as a Captain. He was given the BSMS 102 Defender ship and crew. During his time of refocus and training he met Sergeant Kricheck, who became a good friend of his, and of whom would become his Security Officer aboard the BSMS 102 DS.

A good fight

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