GN 45: The Game of Porcelain Thrones

It’s X-mas time again! New Star Wars trading cards are out, as are character names from The Force Awakens! The gang talks the Walking Dead Mid-Season finale. Gotham, worth watching? Orci is out as the Star Trek 3 director, and Jeremy discusses what he’d like to see in the next Trek film. In a Gone Nerdin tradition, Brian recites Twas the Night Before X-mas: Google Voice edition. Also discussed, the top holiday gifts for the richest nerds in your life, Tech News, NASA news, Nerd Events, Chewbacca vs. Worf, who would win? The co-hosts discuss this as Jeremy reads the results from the Star Wars vs. Star Trek book. All this plus a stunning and nerdy X-mas song rendition with special guest star Ice-T.

GN 45
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GN 44: Forrest Ghost

The Force Awakens, as has our fondness for Star Wars! The Force Awakens Teaser trailer has arrived and we discuss and dissect the amazing new trailer scene by scene. There are other news as well believe it or not. The Evil Dead is coming to TV, We unleash a new segment tentatively titled “Stroked out Bane”, talk tech news, NASA news, and then talk even more Star Wars! There has been an awakening my friends.

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GN 43: Batman v. Superman’s Colon

Brian’s back! Yes, after a long and failed trip around the world, Gone Nerdin’s own Brian returns to the podcast! Brian, Jeremy, and Gina discuss Marvel’s 3rd Phase, American horror Story,, Genysy…Umm….The next Terminator movie. Oh, and many a Star War is discussed! Nerd News, the return of Google Voice, Efails, and much, much more. Gone Nerdin Classic is back!

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GN 41: M Night Shyamalan’s The Earth Movie, Featuring Will Smith

Does Star Trek: Insurrection deserve 9 mins of radio time? No, but Jeremy does it anyways.Lionel harvey drops by to give us “The Rest of the Fiction”. In the news segment, we discuss every plot point and rumor about Star Wars: Episode VII up to this point. The gang gives a brief review on the slew of movies they just watched. Joysticks and circuits, and in Nerd Stump, its History v Pop culture.

GN 40: Ram Jam!

What was meant as a short discussion on the recent Ghostbusters 3 news, the panel immediately erupted into a 15 min debate on who should play what character in the next He-Man movie.

This weeks Top 5 is controversial. Loyalties are tested, tempers flared, and after all is said and done, the Gone Nerdin podcast changes…forever.

Oh and then 6 of Hollywoods finest visit the studio to play the brand new game entitled “Bad casting”.

All this plus San Diego and Denver comic Con news, an Evil Dead update, Efails, and much, much more!

GN 39: 1 Tip Per Tooth

Denver Comic Con, part 1.

Gina and Jeremy break down the weekend events at the 2014 Denver Comic Con. What was great, what sucked, whose a better source, a man with no teeth or a 13 year old Johnny Cage? All these questions and more are covered, along with in depth coverage of the Star Trek: The Next Generation panel with William Shatner, plus interviews and much, much more!

Lots of Episode VII news, and Jeremy actually giving credit to George Lucas for Something!

Google Voice is back, and this week it destroys a Leia & Han scene from Empire, along with the opening credits of TNG.

Plus E-Fails, enjoy!

GN 38: Beware the Wolverman!

Gone Nerdin turns one! To celebrate the one year anniversary of the podcast, first time guest Erin Hanlon joins the show, alongside returning Nerd Stump Champion Shawn Murphy!
Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Community possibly coming back? A Wet Hot American Summer tv show?
So whose directing Ant-Man??
Top 5 greatest 1st seasons of a tv show.
Shawn returns to defend his Nerd Stump Championship belt.
Denver Comic con announcements.
Nerd Calendar.

GN 37: Squid Wall Jackson

Top 5 Worst successful movies.
Episode VII News-Official on set pic, with Abrams and an actual costumed alien behind him!
Into Darkness now streaming on Netflix.
Robert Orci to direct Trek 3?
Warner Bros. has announced the official title of the Man of Steel sequel.
Xbox One new price and features.
Nerd Stump: TV Edition!
Denver Comic Con news.
New Releases.
E-Fails, and much, much more!

GN 36: Blowing Down the House

Huge Denver Con Announcement!

We sit down with the Queen of Google+ to discuss the top 10 Comedies streaming on Netflix.

Star Wars Episode VII gets a working title.

RIP Community, while Parks & Rec gets its final season episode order.

Tech News.

NASA News.

Nerd Stump.

Connor Critique.

Nerd Calendar.