#45: Are We Dead Yet?

STW 45Season 2, Episode 22. Star Trek Wars, Featuring MC Cardassian Luck Dragon! How many sugar cubed red shirts would Kirk like in his coffee? “Do you wanna know how I got these scars?”, Garak asks Bashir. To guarantee a wonderful episode, Voyager gives us the only tried and true success, child actors! Tripp thinks its wrong to discriminate based on gender. duh. Caution, we’re about to break out the phasers and tiaras!
We review the following & with your help, rank them from worst to first:

The Original Series- By Any Other Name
The Next Generation- —
Deep Space Nine- The Wire
Voyager- Innocence
Enterprise- Cogenitor

Fun Facts and Audio clips for each episode! The Star Trek Wars Star of the week.
Plus Pros & Khans, and the Taken out of context clip of the week, and best listener comment for each episode!
We rate all 5 on a scale from 1-10, and rank them from worst to first at the end of the Cast.

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