#44: Jukebox Odo

STW 44Season 2, Episode 21. Star Trek Wars, it’s frighteningly Efficient! Kirk & Spock can’t stop gushing about how amazing they look in Nazi uniforms. It’s Picard vs. Riker, and Data vs. Kolrami…Bust em up? Sisko rescues Dukat while fighting Federation Citizens in a plot so simple, even a Vulcan could understand it. Harry Kim Dies on Voyager, and there was much rejoicing. Finally, on Enterprise, Phlox is faced with a tough personal decision as one of his species most hated enemies needs medical attention. Taking up as much screen time, da boys go spelunking’! Caution, you’re entering flavorful Nazi Country!
We review the following & with your help, rank them from worst to first:

The Original Series- Patterns of Force
The Next Generation- Peak Performance
Deep Space Nine- The Maquis, pt. 2
Voyager- Deadlock
Enterprise- The Breach

Fun Facts and Audio clips for each episode! The Star Trek Wars Star of the week.
Plus Pros & Khans, and the Taken out of context clip of the week, and best listener comment for each episode!
We rate all 5 on a scale from 1-10, and rank them from worst to first at the end of the Cast.

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