#41: It Strikes Again, pt.2

STW 41Season 2, Episode 18. This week, on the Fourth of July edition of Star Trek Wars. Kirk and crew begin the festivities by blowing up a gigantic space creature. Over a Next Gen, Riker’s holiday weekend goes out with a bang in more ways than one, as he pulls the Riker maneuver on an Irish lady and murders two clones. On Deep Space 9, Garak lights up a gul like a firecracker, as three Cardassians celebrate their independence. Over on voyager, a Q is freed from captivity and celebrates his Independence Day the good old-fashioned American Way, he kills himself. And finally on enterprise, at the annual Fourth of July party Reed has too much to drink and awkwardly asks T’Pol to remove her shirt. Reed alert!
We review the following & with your help, rank them from worst to first:

The Original Series- The Immunity Syndrome
The Next Generation- Up the Long Ladder
Deep Space Nine- Profit & Loss
Voyager- Death Wish
Enterprise- The Crossing

Fun Facts and Audio clips for each episode!
Plus Pros & Khans, and the Taken out of context clip of the week, and best listener comment for each episode!
We rate all 5 on a scale from 1-10, and rank them from worst to first at the end of the Cast.

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