GN 51: Corporal Shenanigans

We’re baaack! GN 51

So what have we accomplished in the last month since we’ve spoken? Well, Brian got a job promotion, Jeremy received a $25 Gift certificate to Chili’s for winning a dance off at a company meeting, and Gina got thrown out of a conference room after her bosses discovered she was a nerd. IN actual news, Jeremy appears to be the only person psyched for Fuller House, the Full House Spin-Off. X-Files & Coach are also returning, but there is sad news on the Twin Peaks front. In movies news The next Star Trek gets a potential villain and title, we discuss the new trailer for The Force Awakens along with tons of other Star Wars news! Apologies for Gina’s sound quality this week, her audio file was corrupted so we did the best we could to bandage the cast together. So join us won’t you, in a special episode that will have you say more than once, Uh, What?

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