GN 49: Midi-chlorian Mouthwash

GN 49The Phantom Menace is here! In part 1 of a 12 part series leading up to The Force Awakens, Jeremy, Gina, & Brian delve deep into the first half of Star Wars: Episode One. Google voice destroys the opening Phantom Menace Crawl. Walking Dead & Better Call Saul premieres, New movie trailer reviews, a movie trailer voice off, Tech News, Upcoming Comic Conventions, New Music Releasing, and shout outs to our 5 star reviewers, and much, much, more!

We are proud to announce that Gone Nerdin will be apart of the Colorado Cosmic Con. It is going to be in Colorado Springs at the Hotel Elegante conference and event center on March 20-22. You can purchase tickets at and search for the Colorado Cosmic Con. We will have a booth there so stop by and say HI! This is the start of our world wide tour!

Also please go to You will see an entertainment section. In that section you put GoneNerdin in and then our website. Please do this by Feb 6th because that is when the nominations end. Then the voting begins and lasts until Feb 26th.

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