#29: The DS9 of Husbands

Season 2, Episode 6. In a shocking turn of events, Kirk & crew encounter an evil robot that destroys entire solar systems…again. Data grows a beard but still manages to sit in chairs like a normal person, looking right at you Riker! DS9 gets an ensign science officer in a wheel chair that demands special attention, boy she came to the wrong show for sympathy. Voyager gets Twisted, and thats not even counting the fact that Kes turns 2 in this episode, 2! and on Enterprise, we all learn an important afternoon school message when Archer and the gang teach mean klingons a lesson that bullying, just isn’t cool. All this plus a new layout, Fun Facts, Pros & Khans, The Taken Out of Context Clip of the Week, and The brand new Mashed Clip of the Week.
STW 29
We review the following & rank them from worst to first:
The Original Series- The Doomsday Machine
The Next Generation- The Schizoid Man
Deep Space Nine- Melora
Voyager- Twisted
Enterprise- Marauders

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