#28: Geordi’s First Contacts

Season 2, Episode 5. Kirk gives another civilization freedom, whether they want it or not…On TNG, Pulaski offers to give Geordi eyes while a famous deaf negotiator loses his voice. On DS9, all Dukat cares about is the children, I think we’ve misjudged him. Harry Kim wakes up in San Fran and is no longer on Voyager, yet he still ends up in a seedy bar with Tom Paris. and finally on Enterprise, Archer’s dog Porthos is sick…yeah, thats the plot. All this plus Fun Facts, Pros & Khans, The Taken Out of Context Clip of the Week, and The Flattered Worf Clip of the Week.

We review the following:
The Original Series- The Apple
The Next Generation- Loud as a Whisper
Deep Space Nine- Cardassians
Voyager- Non Sequitur
Enterprise- A Night in Sickbay

STW 28

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