#27: Adolf “Wild Elephant” Hitler

Season 2, Episode 4. Kirk and an away team Beam to an alternate universe where magic blood cures death, starships are pointless due to personal transporters that can beam you to any planet you want, and Spock is scarier and more emotional than the Incredible Hulk…Wait, no thats Abrams alternate universe whew, yeah this ones actually pretty cool. on TNG, Data gets tips on comedy from Joe Piscopo. Thats kind of like getting lessons on how to keep your family together from hulk Hogan. DS9 is evacuated and bad guys come on board to fight a skeleton crew. NO, this isnt a rerun of the last episode. On Voy we get a classic tale of Kes, a girl too young to conceive, wondering if she should mate with her 40 year old abusive mutton chop wearing boyfriend. and on ENT, a mysterious computer fixes the ship, and all it wanted was some warp juice and Mayweather, sounds like a bargain!

We review the following:
The Original Series- Mirror, Mirror
The Next Generation- The Outrageous Okona
Deep Space Nine- Invasive Procedures
Voyager- Elogium
Enterprise- Dead Stop

Fun Facts and Audio clips for each episode!
Plus Pros & Khans, the “Taken out of Context” clip of the week, and the unnecessary bleep of the week.
We rate all 5 on a scale from 1-10, and pick the winner at then end of the Cast.

* There was a small echo issue in the last few minutes if you downloaded the first day this came out. It has been corrected!

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