#24: Painful Birthery

Season 2 Premiere! Spock kills Kirk, The TNG writers temporarily “Kill” Dr. Crusher, saving a Bajoran war hero kills Kira’s career, Voyager killed our interest, and T’Pol killed the Vulcans attempt at ending Enterprise’s mission, whew! We tackle the various differences that occurred between the seasons and mention some of our own changes going forward. Season 2 baby, engage!

We review the following:
The Original Series- Amok Time
The Next Generation- The Child.
Deep Space Nine- The Homecoming
Voyager- The 37’s
Enterprise- Shockwave, pt 2

Fun Facts and Audio clips for each episode!
Plus Pros & Khans goes through a change, and the “Shut Up Wesley!” clip of the week.
We rate all 5 on a scale from 1-10, and pick the winner at then end of the Cast.

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