GN 33: Bryan Singer’s Sex Cauldron

In a classic example of “Burying the Lead”, and forgetting to use the term “Allegedly”, Co-Host Zach informs the group as to why he is less than psyched for the upcoming film, X-Men: Days of Futures Past.

The panel discusses Mrs.Doubtfire II, plus the two-part remake of Stephen King’s It.

Non-Spoilery Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead action!

Awesome NASA News regarding water on another planet!

The Gang review’s the “latest’ Marvel movies, and discusses the fate of Community and new shows like Fargo.

Connor begins a new multi-part Minecraft segment and reviews a disgustingly addictive new Phone App.

All this, plus the return of Nerd Stump, crazy bot emails, and much, much more!

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