GN 12: Creeper Moan

NEW – Gone Nerdin Corrections Dept : If you somehow spot a mistake on our podcast let us know and we will mention it at the top of every podcast.  There might only by 10 – 15 mistakes though!  Good Luck

NERD NEWS NOW – New Jurassic Park Movie, New DVD Releases, Review of the new iPhone 5s and 5c.

Star Wars Episode VII News, Star Wars Comic “The Star Wars #1“, New York ComicCon – Exclusive inside look at Rebels!

Google Voice Destroys The Famous Man of Steel Trailer

Star Trek Wars

Lunar Wars

Picks of the Week

Starting next week we will be doing our Star Trek reviews every other week.  Next week we will be discussing the top 5 weakest villains in SciFi History.  Give us your thoughts!

Gone Nerdin itunes Contest 

This contest will end on 11:59 on Monday Sept 30th.  In order to win you must have the highest number of recommendations for our podcast on iTunes.  Everyone you recommend to listen to our podcast must leave a rating on iTunes and in the comments put the name of the person who recommended them to the podcast.  One more step – The person that recommends sends us an email at with the name of the person they have recommended.  All we have to do is compare the names between iTunes and our email and declare a winner!  The winner will win some awesome GoneNerdin Swag!!!!

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